I use the eDriving Solutions online learning resource where you can access exciting online learning products that will help you learn and develop your driving skills. These learning products include the Official DSA Theory Test Question Revision Bank, case studies and hazard perception test (HPT) practice clips.

All my learners have access to this system. Once registered you will be able to access highly interactive and fun e-learning modules and e-assessments that will help you to prepare for your DSA Theory, Hazard Perception (HPT) and Practical Driving Tests. Not only can you take mock online theory tests and practice your hazard perception skills but you can test your own judgement related to speed choices and close following. You can even see how good you are at learning from your own experience with unique driver self-assessment modules. You can have a free go at some of these e-learning products in the Try a Taster section of the website.

Providing So Much More

As well as the DSA's HPT practice clips the unique video based e-assessments allow you to practise and get feedback on important driving skills including:

  • Speed choices
  • Close following
  • Self-evaluation
  • Anticipation and awareness

Membership allows you to access a wide range of e-learning modules covering a variety of topics including:

  • Anticipation and awareness
  • Overtaking
  • The environment
  • The effects of alcohol
  • Making speed choices
  • What happens in a crash

These modules have been designed to help with both the practical and theoretical aspects of learning to drive.

Getting You on the Road

The site also contains a number of special offers and deals that will help you cut the cost of your motoring. For example check out the link to iKube a unique insurance scheme for newly qualified drivers. To learn more about iKube click here.